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We know you work hard for your money and want to be able to get to know our advisers better. Here you will find some of our adviser’s blogs, where they talk about different areas of financial planning that they feel could be of benefit to you.

We also post blogs about interesting events which happen at Beacon, including the renovation of a Chapel into our new offices.


Chapel Renovation One Year Anniversary

Here we will let you know what is happening with the development at our Chapel, which was built in 1853.



As with any new building/renovation there are still a few tweaks required, but we are delighted to announce that between the 10th – 12th July 2013 we moved into the Chapel.

We are aware that there is a lot of interest in the Chapel, and will therefore be planning a number of events once we are settled.

If you would like to receive information on these events and are not already a client or introducer please contact and we will add you onto our invite list.



Looking at the pictures you can see how much has changed in a month. We are very close to completion with the plastering, painting, windows, staircase, disabled access and kitchen all taking shape, ready for us to hopefully be moved in next month.



We are pleased to say that work is continually progressing.

On the ground floor, the under floor heating has been put in, along with plumbing and electrical cabling, and the floor levelled off. We can now also see the internal walls starting to be constructed, which give us a better visual idea of space.

On the top floor the heating and electrical cabling is fitted, internal walls are being finished, the ceiling/roof is insulated, and a new partition wall is being constructed (required following a recent fire and safety report).



As you will see from the pictures below a lot has happened this month, and the build is full steam ahead.

The ground floor has now been raised to the required height (we are just waiting for the under floor heating, which will level it out with the front of the Chapel), and the mezzanine floor has been fully constructed, allowing work to begin upstairs:

– the skeleton for the upstairs dividing walls have been constructed, as pictured

– the round window near the roof has been exposed once again – unfortunately there is no glass so will have to be replaced

Plumbing and heating preparation work throughout the Chapel has started, ready for when the next stages begin; fitting the under floor heating and insulating the roof and walls.


February – March

For those who may have driven/walked past you will have noticed there is a lot of activity at the Chapel once again.

From Wednesday 20th March the builders entered the Chapel to start work on the next phase; to raise the ground floor and add steel for the mezzanine floor above.

The builders will now be at the Chapel until the inside is complete, which includes internal fit-out.

The renovation has caused a lot of interest in the local community and on Tuesday 26th March, Jeremy Sallis from BBC Radio Cambridgeshire visited Beacon for a feature entitled ‘Workplace Wednesday’. This is where they visit a local business and find out as much as they can about them. Jeremy was keen to visit Beacon, especially with the Chapel renovation taking place, and spent some time there talking to the builders, and Tony Larkins.

The interview was aired on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire (95.6 – 97 fm) on Wednesday 3 April 2013.

Listen to the interview.


January 2013

After the Christmas holidays, we returned to work and have been finalising details with the builders regarding the heating, electricity and flooring.

Building work will start with raising the ground floor level to comply with the council’s requirement regarding potential floods, and installing a mezzanine floor.

The work is due to start at the end of the month, however there is a temporary hold-up, which we hope to have fixed shortly; regarding under floor heating.

In the meantime, the weather has changed quite dramatically and coated the chapel in snow. A little trivia for you: apparently if you see houses without snow on their roofs when others nearby do have snow on them, it is a sign that their insulation is poor. As you will see from our snow pictures, the chapel has a lot of snow covering the roof, although we think this isn’t due to great insulation (which we know it doesn’t currently have) but more than likely because it doesn’t have any heating!

It‘s nice to be supplied some free insulation for a while!


November – December 2012

Building work temporarily came to a halt when the builders had completed everything they could until the internal layout had been finalised.

Now we are busy collecting quotes and instructing electricians, plumbers, window companies, more builders and a carpenter to continue with the renovation.

If you or someone you know works in any of these professions, please get in contact by the end of this month.

The chapel was hit by the recent floods and if anyone managed to get a picture, we would be grateful if you could send it across.

The water rose from the brook at the back of the chapel and covered the ground all the way to the front of the building.

Luckily no water actually got inside the chapel!

The latest development is finishing the erection of fencing around the perimeter of the chapel.

October 2012

Work started on the Chapel properly this month and we have seen the outside being completely cleared of overgrown weeds, which had regrown since the last removal in January. Dead trees have also been removed, with one falling of its own accord after the ivy surrounding it had been removed, due to being infested with a large ants nest, as pictured below.

Work has now also begun on the inside of the building. The recessed ceilings have all been removed along with the front foyer which housed old toilet blocks. This is all in preparation for raising the floor level throughout as per council request, in case of any flooding from the brook behind the Chapel.

Our neighbours have been fantastic throughout the renovation so far and once the renovation is complete we will be delighted to invite people around for a viewing.

September 2012

Most planning permissions have now been received and work has begun on the outside of the Chapel. Below are pictures taken after the first day the builders started work (Tuesday 25th September 2012)


June 2012

We have received planning permission to move ahead with our conversion of the Chapel into our new offices, however, we still have to obtain a report from an arborist regarding the trees on the property.

February 2012

Temporary Signs go up


Nov 2011 – Jan 2012

Below are a few pictures of the Chapel at the beginning, including pictures of 6ft 2inch Alex getting lost in amongst the weeds whilst chopping them back.